Naturally Burn Fat & Detox

Simple 3 step program designed to boost metabolism and detoxify.
Your new bikini body is only weeks away!

Australia’s most popular natural weight loss diet support drops to trigger your body to release stored abnormal fat into the bloodstream and use as energy. Formulated from 100% plant ingredients, our products are free from hormones, chemicals and additives. Made in Australia from organically grown sources ensuring quality in every drop.


STEP 1: Fat Loading

The first 2 days of the program are important to build up healthy fat stores so your body can pull on them during the early days of phase 2.

STEP 2: Fat Burning & Detox

This is where the fun really begins and the results are immediate while following our unique program. Overnight you will experience rapid and consistent losses with most seeing losses of up to 5kg in 7 days. You will stay in this phase for at least 24 days and no more than 60 days before moving into the final step of our SLIMTOX program.

STEP 3: Goal Weight Stabilisation

The final 21 days of the program is designed to reintroduce healthy fats and learn how to fuel your body with nourishing goodness to easily maintain a healthy and ideal weight.


Proven Results with averages losses of 300grams overnight

Detailed, easy to follow one step program booklet included

The highest grade homeopathic weight loss drop formula

Enjoy simple meals while nourishing and fuelling your body

Unique blend of natural herbs and minerals will support your body to beat cravings while your body burns stubborn, toxic fat for energy.